Stepping Into Show Week

Chanelle Lagace and Lynn Peterson in "Dolce"
Chanelle Lagace and Lynn Peterson rehearsing “Dolce”

I can hardly believe it’s here! We enter production week on Tuesday, technically, but it really started yesterday as we sat in one of the music rehearsals. All of the performances will be accompanied by live music (two different programs) so it’s a lot of logistics to get instrumentalists, composers, conductors, sheet music, tempo checks, etc etc etc all together for the big week. This year we are beyond thrilled to be working with Artemis Chamber Ensemble, conducted by Matthew Oberstein for Program “A” (”Dolce” and “the last of the leaves”) and for Program “B”, “Toward Home”, we are working with six incredibly talented musicians (The Paumanok Trio, and Simon Boyar, Oren Fader, and Mat Fieldes) who are brilliantly bringing Damon Ferrante’s score to life. It is all so breathtaking to see it coming together before my eyes and ears! This week is what it’s all about. All aspects coming together.. dancers, musicians, choreographer, visual artists, and perhaps most important, our AUDIENCE!!! It has been nearly two years since our last Season in New York, so we are so excited to share the work and welcome our audience in for such an exciting week.
We hope some Wingers will join us!! (as always, enter discount code “winger” for discount!). Tix here:

Matthew taking notes in rehearsalMatthew taking notes in rehearsal

Jeremy and Nico rehearsing "Toward Home"
Jeremy Neal and Nico Li rehearsing “Toward Home”

Mat Fieldes and Simon Boyar rehearsing Damon Ferrante's "Toward Home"
Mat Fieldes and Simon Boyar rehearsing Damon Ferrante’s “Toward Home”

Chanelle Lagace and Lynn Peterson rehearsing "Dolce"
Chanelle and Lynn

This time always feel like a dream come true. I suppose that is exactly what it is. Dances in my head, dreamed of over and over again coming to life. This is a special time and a precious collaboration. I am very proud indeed of what is to come this week.

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