Back from Hartford

Hi everyone!  SYREN just returned from two wonderful performances at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts on Thursday and Friday.  It was really wonderful to spend time together for a few days, and to come together to bring 8 minutes of our new dance to audiences for the FIRST TIME.

To leave the rehearsal studio one day, and walk into a theater the next day and immediately share the work as it is being made felt very exciting and brought a specific kind of presence to the performances.

The feelings of improvisations we have done in rehearsals are still accessible in my mind and resonate in my bones, the musical count that a step is to be done on is still being learned by my brain (eventually this will just be known “without thinking”), and the rhythm of when great energy is needed or not is still settling into it all.  All of these elements combined to make a rich performance experience in Hartford, and one that I am very glad we were able to be part of.

It was also incredible to witness the students performing in this concert, to relish in their enthusiasm, hunger, unique abilities, and to be grateful that we were given the chance to share movement with such receptive young artists.

I look forward to bringing all of this with me as we return to the rehearsal studio this week and to see where Dance #18 continues to take us.

All my best,

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