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Red and Blue, Bitter and Sweet  (2016)

This dance is inspired by the dynamic and mysterious world of quantum physics. It explores theories such as Entanglement, Duality, Uncertainty Principle, and Superposition in a way that aims to shed light on them to a lay-person’s understanding. As the great physicist Erwin Schrodinger said in 1954 Cambridge Press: “I am very astonished that the scientific picture of the real world around me is very deficient. It gives us a lot of factual information, puts all of our experience in a magnificently consistent order, but it is ghastly silent about all and sundry that is really near to our heart that really matters.  It cannot tell us a word about red and blue, bitter and sweet…”

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand, Composer: Poppy Ackroyd
Running Time: 35 minutes

The Art of Fugue  (2014)

SYREN Modern Dance, presented by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, was the closing event of the 46th Season of Bach Vespers.  “The Art of Fugue” is a site specific dance created specifically to be adapted for performance in spaces with organs (as well as harpsichord), with Bach’s “The Art of Fugue” as the centerpiece of the production.  The dance explores definitions of beauty while searching for its existence in a world filled with detachment, immediacy, and exploitation.  The Paul Fritts organ at Holy Trinity heightened the senses, evoking imagery and inspiring movement from every crevice, step, and pillar.

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand, Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Running Time: 60 Minutes

20110405_syren_dolceweb2Dolce  (2010)

This piece is a rich and joyful exploration of the different relationships women share. Set to a playful and passionate score by Edvard Grieg, the music of the “Holberg Suite” leads the dancers through jumps, turns, and intricate partnering.

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand, Music: Edvard Grieg, “Holberg Suite”
Running Time: 20 Minutes, See Photos.

lastofleaves2the last of the leaves  (2009)

Highly physical, the last of the leaves uses the driving and churning idiosyncrasies of John Adam’s “Shaker Loops” to explore the many mysteries surrounding cycles of human life. Birth, illness, death, and the different energies needed to experience them, are points of departure for this piece as the dancers journey through qualities both distant and tender.

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand, Music: John Adams, “Shaker Loops”
Running Time: 25 Minutes, See Photos and Video.

2007_syren_abravanel_093_lAbravanel  (2007)

This evening length piece journeys through the movement, music, and history of the Sephardic Jewish people. The Sephardim were the Jewish people of Spain who, during the Inquisition in 1492, were forced out of the country and settled in places such as Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East. The dancers share with the audience this remarkable story of struggle, travel and new beginnings.

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand
Music: Edward Shearmur featuring Ofra Haza, Davka, Divahn featuring Galeet Dardashti
Running Time: 50 Minutes, See Photos and Video.

christopher-duggansmall223-webPelléas et Mélisande  (2008)

“Pelléas et Mélisande” uses six dancers and Seblius’ score to explore musicality and movement. The story follows a love triangle, which is expressed through grand swells of music and movement when marriage is called for publicly, deep longing notes and reaching arms of a woman who knows her sadness well, hops and quick feet with uplifting notes when love is found, explored, and then finally lost. The movement is tightly connected to this versatile score, and each audience member is allowed to travel their own path to individually connect with the journey of the music and the dancers on stage.

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand, Music: Jean Sibelius
Running Time: 30 Minutes, See Photos and Video.


SYREN is happy to work with you to determine which repertory could work best for your school’s programming.  Contact us at or 212.300.7839 to request more information and to let us know about your program and how you are thinking SYREN might contribute!

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Photography: Christopher Duggan; Lighting Design: Kate Ashton